July 3, 2016


Royal Farms Arena, Baltimore, Maryland




What is the XV Lithuanian Folk Dance Festival? A massive choreographed performance of over 1800 dancers performing in unison and formation.  A spectacular show that combines a wide range of Lithuanian folk dances and theatrical elements to tell a unique story that will entertain, surprise, and amaze.  Visit TicketMaster.com to purchase your ticket today.

PROLOGUE: Lithuania, Lithuania, you’re alive like the sun

The dancers create a living expression of the Sun, a symbol of Lithuania; its warmth and light are manifested through a series of ancient rites and traditional girls’ dances.

ACT I: I carry paths of white blossoms in my heart
The journey of a young couple of travelers begins with memories of the orchard in which they first met, where echoes of their favorite childhood and family memories are brought to life through dance.

ACT II: My country’s heart wrapped in the whitest linen
The toils of the travelers’ journey are seen in blooming fields of flax and expressed in the spinning and weaving of linen cloth. A celebration with the completed scarves and fabrics develops into a vision of a gigantic living tapestry, woven from the constantly crossing lines of colorfully-dressed dancers.

ACT THREE: Beneath the vaulted starry skies

The travelers gather in the dark of night for a journey to the future, led by the shimmering stars in the sky.  As they dance, their lights unite them with their homeland, Lithuania, and they appear to be dancing among the stars themselves.


All 1800 dancers join in the final dance of the program.


A Journey Calls You There

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